Formed in a coffee shop in November, 1995, Moksha, with its line up of Leon on vocals, Christy and Allen on guitars and Ranjith on Drums, smashed into Chennai’s dull and dreary rock scene with a sound and act that blew a sleeping city into a rude awakening they had never experienced before.

The first venue to experience the onslaught was MMC, at its western music competition. They say first impressions last forever, and that is exactly what happened. For the next two years Moksha spread its magical mayhem through every major college and semi-professional competition in sight, standing second to none in all of them. The most notable victories being the ones at IIT Chennai, MMC, National Law School Bangalore and IIT Mumbai.

It was after the IIT Mumbai win amongst 35 bands from all over the country, that Moksha decided to call it quits as far as competitions were concerned. Moksha goes professional…and the rest, as they say, is history!!!

It was then that Timmy Madhukar joined Moksha to strengthen up their strings, brass and all the other jazz. This last and latest addition to the band widened the range of covers and also provided a strong backing for their originals.

Moksha was the only Asian band to be featured on an Iron Maiden tribute album, which was released by a UK based recording company called Energie Records. The twin CD pack features various renowned bands from all over the world. Moksha plays one Iron Maiden song and also one Moksha original, which rocked the Maiden fans. Moksha played a section of their mammoth 8 song Maiden Medley (performed at most of the concerts) and also the original "Chasing my Life". The song speaks against the use of drugs & its authority over the human mind & body.

This was followed by a Tribute album to the Metal Gods 'Metallica' and Moksha's original 'Dine with the Devil' stood out on the second CD while 'Four Horsemen' pounded on the first. These two tracks really brought down the barrier and gave Moksha the break they were looking for. The band was interviewed live on radio in UK, and requests for articles and press releases followed.

Moksha draws its influences from great bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Mr. Big, Extreme, Van Halen, Europe…well who doesn’t. Satriani and Vai also contribute vastly to the Moksha sound.

When Moksha got together, they believed that they could make a difference in the era of shitty music and had the vision of rejuvenating rock back to where it belonged. When approached by record companies to do commercial music, they were very quick to turn down the offers. They concentrated more on the international scene and were thus able to build a reputation for themselves and bring salvation to music lovers across the globe.

Believe me!!! They are more than you expect!